Your pet's partner

 For whole life

As a global pet food ANF that has been proven for a long time
Give your precious pets unchanging health.

Safe Pet Food for Pet’s

ANF is a clean and reliable companion animal developed country,

Produced in Australia, USA and Korea.

Suitable for protein source, age, and health condition
Offers a variety of solutions

*No. 1 single product in the domestic dog food sector in 2017

*ANF 6Free Duck/Sheep/Salmon

ANF has been established since the 1950’s
The best products presented through innovation and know-how

In 1966, he developed a special method of making dry feed using growth.

1996 O2 Free (nitrogen filled) packaging, through preservation of nutritional value and freshness.

To this day, it has been loved all over the world.

ANF in the world

"Advanced Nutrition Formula"